Golf Cart Rentals

E-Z-GO 4-Passenger Golf Cart
4-Passenger Golf Cart
E-Z-GO 6-Passenger Golf Cart
6-Passenger Golf Cart
E-Z-GO 2-Seat Utility Golf Cart
2-Seat Utility Golf Cart

Golf Carts: Perfect Transportation for Private or Corporate Events!

Are you hosting an outdoor event that covers large areas? Make it easy on the guests and the VIPs by having clean, efficient golf carts available to carry passengers from the parking lots to the fun. Available in 4 and 6 seat versions, they're perfect to rent for weddings, reunions, sporting events, you name it!

Or if you're running something like an equestrian show or corporate gathering make it easy on yourself by renting a utility car. It will save you time and energy when it comes to moving chairs, tents, and other materials.

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Golf Cart Rental Rates
4-Passenger Golf Cart $75 $325 $475
6-Passenger Golf Cart $100 $400 $600
2-Seater Utility Car $75 $325 $475